About Us

DAR AL HAI TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC is a general building and property maintenance company built solely on trust and quality. We cover both commercial and residential. Our services are all carried out by exquisitely skilled engineers and workers, our company has two values, customer satisfaction and professional quality works. We can provide a quality team of tradesmen to carry out any of the repairs or maintenance. We pride ourselves on being

Who We help?

Businesses : All businesses require building maintenance services, whether small-scale or large-scale. We offer services that clean the place and manage everyday cleaning needs.
Residential : Whether it is an Apartment or a building, we have a building maintenance team that inspects, maintains, and repairs the location's indoor and outdoor maintenance needs.
Government : Municipality also requires building maintenance service to make sure that the city building and other governmental buildings remain clean. Such places include libraries, museums, government offices, etc.

Why Choose Us?

DAR AL HAI TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC is your passionate work partner for building maintenance requirements for Apartments, offices, restaurants, and others. With years of experience in this field, we have teamed with the best workers that know how to perform each task efficiently.